Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes

A free online tune book of mostly Irish and Swedish traditional music. Sheet music and lyrics for more than 2800 tunes in ABC format, collected over more than 25 years by Henrik Norbeck, Stockholm, Sweden.

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2544 Irish Tunes

and related, e.g. Scottish

29 airs, 22 barn dances, 32 carolan tunes, 2 country dances, 39 highlands and flings, 152 hornpipes, 510 jigs, 40 marches, 16 mazurkas, 141 polkas, 1051 reels, 20 set dances, 124 slides and single jigs, 106 slip jigs and hop jigs, 30 slow airs, 193 songs, 26 strathspeys, 11 waltzes

413 Swedish Tunes

and related, e.g. other Scandinavian

gånglåtar, 2 hallingar, 43 jämna polskor, 24 polskor kort etta, 13 polskor lång etta, 6 ojämna polskor, 43 schottisar, 242 slängpolskor, 2 sånger, 36 valser

130 Other Tunes

Balkan, Breton, etc.

an dro, 6 bourrée, 1 buchimish, 4 cadaneasca, 5 frailach, 8 gavottes, 2 geampara, 9 hora, 4 kolo, 3 kopanitsa, 19 miscellaneous, 10 muineiras, 3 paidushko horo, 5 rachenitsa, 7 ridée, 5 rond, 2 sandansko horo, 1 smeseno horo, 7 valse musette, 21 wayñu

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What Others Have Said about This Collection:

"I agree with fidkid - Norbeck's transcriptions are still the best. A reliable resource if you want to use sheet-music or abc-files for tunes to refer to."

"Though an inveterate learn-by-ear guy meself, I always recommend the Norbeck Collection and transcriptions for them that need the notes."
P. O'Neill