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2089 Irish Tunes
and related, e.g. Scottish
387 Swedish Tunes
and related, e.g. other Scandinavian
  • Gånglåt 1
  • Halling 1-2
  • Jämn polska 1-38
  • Ojämn polska 1-5
  • Polska kort etta 1-24
  • Polska lång etta 1-7
  • Schottis 1-41
  • Skänklåt 1
  • Slängpolska 1-233
  • Vals 1-35
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Note: any "The" at the beginning of the tune title
has been removed in this index.

Swedish Tunes by Title
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Index by First Two Bars of Tune
If you know how the tune goes, but don't know the name.
You can also download
all the tunes in
one big zip file
(380 kilobytes).

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About the Tunes
These tunes are available on the web as a free resource. If you like my collection and want to encourage me, you can send a donation through PayPal by clicking the button above to the right.

I've transcribed them as I have learnt them, which does not necessarily mean that I play them that way nowadays. Many of the tunes include variations and different versions. Some tunes appear more than once, if played in different keys or if the versions differ very much. Related tunes and different versions of the same tune are cross-referenced in the H: field. If there is a source (S:) or discography (D:) included the version transcribed might still not be exactly as that source played the tune, since I might have changed the tune around a bit when I learnt it.

The tunes were learnt from sessions, from friends, or from recordings. When I've included discography, it's often just a reference to some of the recordings the tune appears on.

If you know the names of any of the tunes I haven't got a name for, or if you have some additional information you think might be of interest, please e-mail me at henrik@norbeck.nu.

Thanks to all the good people on the irtrad-l mailing list and TheSession.org for many names of tunes, bits of history about them, etc.

And thanks to all the musicians I've met and played Irish music with over the years, in Ireland, Sweden and other countries.

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ABC Format
ABC is a format for writing tunes in a portable and easy way. It was invented by Chris Walshaw, and is used for sending tunes via e-mail, for putting tune books on the net, and for typesetting tunes. There are now a number of different programs available for handling ABC files on various platforms, which can convert abc files to standard notation, play abc tunes through MIDI, search for tunes, etc.

More information about the ABC format is available at The Official ABC Home Page. There you can also find links to utilities for printing sheet music from ABC files, etc.

For Windows systems, I recommend Abcmus for playing tunes via MIDI and handling tune books.

I can also recommend TunePal for finding abc tunes.

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