Henrik Norbeck's Top Irish Session Tunes

This is my selection of 40 basic session tunes for beginner players of Irish traditional music. These 40 tunes were selected because they are in my experience tunes that most players would know and also some of the most frequently played at Irish sessions all over the world. Irishtune.info also has a list of the most common session tunes, which more or less coincides with my list.

Numbers refer to my ABC tune collection.

Only the "bare bones" of the tunes are given here. You'll also have to learn the playing style - ornamentation, rhythmisation, variation.

Chords are my suggestions - feel free to improve them.

Download Henrik Norbeck's Top 40 Irish Session Tunes (pdf file, 418 kb).

Happy playing and see you at a session some day!

All transcriptions © 2013 Henrik Norbeck.

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Slip Jigs




Carolan Tune