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8 Oct 2021: Covid Update

While covid19 has been raging through the world I've been transcribing 122 new tunes and made updates to more than 300 of the tunes already in my database.
New tunes: 4 airs, 2 barndances, 1 Carolan tune, 1 highland, 4 hornpipes, 16 jigs, 1 march, 1 mazurka, 7 polkas, 18 reels, 11 slides, 3 slip jigs, 3 slow airs, 20 songs, 1 strathspey, 4 waltzes, 12 slängpolskor, 2 sånger, 1 krivo sadovsko horo, 1 wayñu, 7 miscellaneous tunes.

29 Dec 2019: End of Decade Update

We're just two days from the end of this decade, before we go into the "roaring 20's". So I've updated my tune collection with 20 new tunes - airs, barndances, highlands, jigs, reels, slip jigs, polkas, a slide and a march.
I'll be back in 2020!

1 Nov 2019: The Legacy Jig

My friend Jon Antonsson noted that I didn't have The Legacy Jig in my collection. I've known that tune for more than 20 years and played it innumerable times. I just forgot to transcribe it; I usually transcribe tunes as I learn them, but I missed this one. But now my collection is updated and contains The Legacy Jig, and 13 other new tunes.
That's your November update from me!

20 Sep 2019: September Update

Today I've added 48 new tunes.
A bunch of polkas, reels and jigs, as well as some other tunes and one song.
Also as usual updated a number of tunes with new information, titles, etc.

4 May 2019: May Update

Today I've added 40 new tunes.
Among them a bunch of Shetland tunes and a bunch of polskas.
Also as usual a number of updates to old tunes.

24 Dec 2018: Christmas update

Today I've added 24 new tunes and updated a bunch of others.
Now a total of 3087 tunes and songs.
And I've also corrected a bug in "random tune".
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

18 Nov 2018: 42 New Tunes and Songs

Today I've added 42 new tunes and songs, and updated a bunch of tunes.
Some Breton tunes, some Bulgarian tunes, one Carolan tune, two hornpipes, three jigs, one march, two polkas, four reels, five slides, one strathspey and four songs.

9 Sep 2018: 80 New Tunes and 32 New Songs

Today I've added 80 new tunes and 32 new songs.
And I've updated a bunch of tunes.
The total is now over 3000 tunes and songs in ABC on my site!

26 Dec 2017: Lots of New and Updated Tunes

I've added 66 new tunes and updated a bunch of tunes.

19 Oct 2017: Browse Jigs and Reels by Key

Now you can browse jigs and reels (which are so many that the incipit indexes are split by key) not only by first letter of key, but also by the whole key.
E.g. you can list all reels in the key of G dorian.

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