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Lyrics for Irish Songs
and related, e.g. Scottish
Title Category No.
A Blacksmith Courted Me song 131
All for Me Grog song 139
An bhFaca Tú Mo Shéamaisín polka 19
An Spealadóir (The Mower) hornpipe 37
Art O'Keeffe's slide 3
Arthur McBride song 81
As I Roved Out song 77
As I Roved Out (on a Bright May Morning) song 119
Back Home in Derry song 78
Banks of Avonmore, The song 28
Banks of Sullane, The song 93
Banks of the Lee, The song 92
Banks of the Roses song 134
Bantry Girl's Lament song 8
Barbara Allen song 135
Barley Grain, The song 85
Barrack Hill slide 62
Billy O'Shea song 151
Black Is the Colour of My True Love's Hair song 22
Black Velvet Band song 12
Blacksmith, The song 131
Bonnie Blue Eyed Lassie song 32
Bonny Light Horseman, The song 71
Brave Bold Donnelly song 13
Bricklayer's Song, The song 44
Broken-Hearted I'll Wander song 71
Cam Ye O'er frae France song 108
Carrickfergus song 90
Cat Jumped into the Mouse's Hole, The slide 62
Cockels and Mussels song 146
Cod Liver Oil song 14
Come Out Ye Black and Tans song 67
Cot in the Corner, The song 30
Cuckoo's Nest, The hornpipe 37
Cúnla song 94
Dark Is the Colour of My True Love's Hair song 23
Dennis Murphy's slide 3
Derry Gaol song 1
Devil and the Bailiff, The slip jig 8
Dicey Reilly song 79
Dicey Riley song 79
Did You Wash Your Father's Shirt? reel 173
Dirty Old Town song 64
Down by the Sally Gardens song 74
Eighteen Years Old song 87
Emigrant's Farewell, The song 109
Emigrant's Farewell, The song 148
Factory Girl, The song 110
Fair of Bellaghy, The slip jig 59
Fair of Bellaghy, The song 61
Fare Thee Well Lovely Mary song 120
Farewell to Old Ireland song 148
Farewell to Whisky song 102
Fiddler's Green song 111
Fields of Athenry, The song 65
Flower of Magherally, The song 75
Flower of Sweet Strabane, The song 89
Foggy Dew, The song 68
Follow Me Up to Carlow song 54
Frost is all over, The jig 202
Frost is all over, The jig 206
Frost is all over, The song 58
Galway Races, The song 124
General Guinness song 53
Gentleman Soldier, The song 97
Green Fields of America, The reel 150
Green Fields of Canada song 2
Green Fields of France, The song 63
Green Grows the Laurel song 15
Hair Fell Off My Coconut, The slide 63
Hare's Lament song 3
Haughs o' Cromdale, The song 127
Health to the Company song 4
Here I Am amongst You song 47
High Germany song 11
Home Boys Home song 129
Hot Asphalt song 80
How Can I Live On the Top of a Mountain song 32
Hundred Pipers, A slide 63
I Know My Love song 123
I Will Go song 125
I'll Tell Me Ma song 48
I'm a Rover song 136
If I Had a Wife slide 3
If I Had Maggie in the Wood polka 19
Irish Rover song 17
Irish Washerwoman, The jig 2
Is Trua gan Peata 'n Mhaoir agam reel 129
James Connolly song 72
Johnnie Cope song 126
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye song 66
Johnny is the Fairest Man song 19
Johnny Will You Marry Me? fling 2
Johnny, Lovely Johnny song 149
Johnny, Lovely Johnny song 150
Jug of Punch, The song 86
Kilgarry Mountain song 50
King of Ballyhooley, The song 122
Kitty Come Down to Limerick slip jig 76
Knickers of Corduroy song 112
Lagan Streams song 5
Lakes of Pontchartrain, The song 100
Lark in the Morning, The song 113
Leaving of Liverpool song 140
Leg of the Duck, The jig 157
Leg of the Duck, The song 57
Leis Lacha jig 157
Limerick Rake, The song 141
Little Bag of Tailors, The song 59
Little Drummer, The song 114
Little Red Fox, The song 121
Lough Erne Shore song 6
Love Will You Marry Me? fling 2
Love Will You Marry Me? song 56
Love Won't You Marry Me? fling 2
Love Won't You Marry Me? song 56
Lowlands of Holland song 7
Maggie in the Wood polka 19
Maid of Coolmore, The song 31
Maids When You're Young song 137
Maids When You're Young song 138
Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man song 137
Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man song 138
Máire Rua slip jig 8
Mairi's Wedding song 45
Mall Rua slip jig 8
Marie's Wedding song 45
Mary Mac song 105
May Morning Dew, The song 27
Merry Ploughboy, The song 73
Moll Roe slip jig 8
Molly Brannigan reel 150
Molly Brannigan song 60
Molly Malone song 146
Month of January, The song 130
Mother and Child Reel, The reel 129
Mountain Streams, The song 29
Muirsheen Durkin song 143
Munster Gimlet, The slip jig 76
My Lagan Love song 5
Na Ceannabháin Bhana slip jig 60
Nellie Mahony's slide 3
Newry Highwayman, The song 144
Off She Goes slide 10
Off to Dublin in the Green song 73
On the Banks of Red Roses song 134
One Morning in May song 106
P Stands for Paddy song 18
Paddy Works on the Railway song 142
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore song 37
Paddy's Lamentation song 35
Parcel of Rogues song 115
Parting Glass, The song 38
Parting Glass, The song 39
Parting Glass, The song 152
Peata Beag is a Mháthair reel 129
Peggy Gordon song 24
Ploughboy, The song 33
Pretty Molly Brannigan reel 150
Pretty Molly Brannigan song 60
Pretty Peg song 101
Pride of the West jig 157
Purty Molly Brannigan reel 150
Purty Molly Brannigan song 60
Queen of All Argyll, The song 116
Raggle Taggle Gypsy, The song 98
Ramblin' Irishman song 10
Rambling Irishman song 9
Rambling Irishman song 88
Rambling Rover, The song 107
Rare Old Mountain Dew song 95
Rattling Bog, The song 84
Recruiting Sergeant, The slide 74
Recruiting Sergeant, The song 62
Redhaired Boy, The hornpipe 55
Reverse of Vienna mazurka 8
Rising of the Moon, The song 70
Road to Clady, The song 104
Rocks of Bawn song 40
Rocky Road to Dublin, The song 55
Roll Me from the Wall song 42
Rollicking Boys around Tanderagee, The song 36
Rolling from the Wall song 42
Roving Journeyman, The song 46
Salonika song 145
Sam Hall song 99
Seven Drunken Nights song 43
Shave the Donkey mazurka 8
She Moved Through the Fair song 76
Shoe the Donkey mazurka 8
Shores Of Lough Bran song 16
Sick Note, The song 44
Siúil a Rún song 96
Skibbereen song 69
Sliabh Gallion Braes song 117
Slieve Gallen Braes song 117
Spancil Hill song 82
Star of Donegal, The song 128
Star of the County Down song 26
Step It Out Mary song 147
Streets of Derry song 1
Swaggering Jig, The slip jig 59
Swaggering Jig, The song 61
Táim in Arrears slip jig 8
There Was A Maid In Her Father's Garden song 91
Thousands Are Sailing song 25
Tippin' It Up to Nancy song 20
Two Sisters, The song 83
Van Diemen's Land song 21
Varsovienne mazurka 8
Versevanna mazurka 8
Waltz of Vienna mazurka 8
Water Is Wide, The song 133
Wee Weaver, The song 41
Weile Waile song 49
Welcome Paddy Home song 103
Welcome Poor Paddy Home song 103
What Put the Blood on Your Right Shoulder Son? song 118
When a Man's in Love song 132
Whiskey in the Jar song 50
Wild Rover, The song 51
Will Ye Go to Flanders song 34
Will You Come Down to Limerick? slip jig 76
Wind That Shakes the Barley, The reel 109
Ye Jacobites by Name song 52
Yellow Cow, The reel 129
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