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Last Updated 16 March 2017
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Index by Title - Irish Tunes
Titles beginning with V
Title Rhythm No. Key Incipit (first two bars)
Valentia Harbour slow air 23 Edor |E4F2|G4A2|
Valentia Lament slow air 23 Edor |E4F2|G4A2|
Valse des Esquimaux waltz 10 G |B3 BcB|A2 AF ED|
Van Diemen's Land song 21 Edor |E4 E2|B4 AB|
Varsovienne mazurka 8 G |B2 B2 DG|B2 B2 DG|
Versevanna mazurka 8 G |B2 B2 DG|B2 B2 DG|
Versevianna, The mazurka 16 G |B2 D2 Bc|B2 D2 Bc|
Victory Reel, The reel 666 G |GBdg edcB|Aaag aABA|
View Across The Valley, The reel 627 D |fded B2FB|AFF2 DFAd|
Vincent Campbell's jig 61 D |dAG FED|=c3 edc|
Vincent Campbell's Mazurka #1 mazurka 1 G |B2 BA GB|d2 dB AB|
Vincent Campbell's Mazurka #2 mazurka 2 G |B2 BA GE|DB, D2 B,D|
Virgin Mary slip jig 10 Dmix |FGA AFA c2A|BAG FAF GED|
Virginia, The reel 256 D |DBBA B3A|BAdB AFEF|

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