Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes

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Titles beginning with Y

Title Tune Type No. Key Incipit (first two bars)
Ye Jacobites by Name song 52 Em |E>F ED|B,2 GG|
Yellow Cow, The reel 129 D |A2GE FDD2|EFGD EFGE|
Yellow Fitzgerald jig 133 Ador |ABA AGE|ABA AGE|
Yellow Goat, The polka 66 G |D>E GA|B2 AG|
Yellow Tinker, The reel 788 Amix |EAA2 EGG2|EAA2 eAdG|
Yellow Tinker, The reel 452 G |DGGF DEFA|DGG2 dBcA|
Yellow Tinker, The reel 168 Gmix |DGG2 DEFA|DGG2 DGBG|
Yellow Tinker, The reel 394 Gmix |DGG2 DFF2|DGG2 dGcF|
Yellow Wattle, The jig 207 Dmix |dcA AGE|A3 AB^c|
Yellow Wattle, The jig 110 Dmix |dcA AGE|G3 GFG|
York Reel, The reel 340 Amix |e3d BAAB|G3A BABd|
Youghal Quay reel 715 G |BdcA G2DG|GABA GBdg|
Young Girl Milking the Cow, The air 25 Ador |c2 e3 c|B2 d3 B|
Young Tom Ennis jig 375 Ador |cBA BcB|AGE GAB|
Youngest Daughter, The reel 378 Edor |E3G BEGB|dBAF DEFD|
Your Mother's Little Pet reel 795 D |d2cA BGG2|ABcd efaf|