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Index by Title - Irish Tunes
Titles beginning with W
Title Rhythm No. Key Incipit (first two bars)
Walk Out of It Hogan jig 302 G |G3 AGE|A3 AGE|
Walking in Liffey Street jig 238 G |dge def|gdc BAG|
Wallace's Cross polka 71 D |ef/e/ dB|BA B/c/d|
Wallop the Potlid jig 54 G |BGG AGE|DGG AGA|
Wallop the Spot jig 221 D |F3 DFA|BAF dAG|
Wallop the Spot jig 77 D |FEF DFA|BAF dBA|
Walls of Limerick, The reel 266 Edor |BEE2 GBAF|DFA=c BGAF|
Walls of Liscarrol, The jig 187 Ddor |dcA AGE|GED D2E|
Walls of Liscarrol, The jig 136 Dmix |EFF DGG|DEF E2D|
Walls of Liscarrol, The jig 396 Edor |edB BAF|ABA FAB|
Walls of Liscarrol, The jig 348 Edor |edB BAF|AFE E2F|
Walsh's Hornpipe hornpipe 39 G |(3GAB DE GBdB|(3cde AB cde2|
Walsh's Polka polka 60 A |Ac ef|ec c/d/c/B/|
Walsh's Polka polka 61 Bm |dB fB|dB fe/d/|
Walshe's Polka polka 56 A |A>B cB|AF FE|
Walshe's Polka polka 118 G |g2 gf/g/|ag ge|
Walter Sammon's Grandmother reel 34 D |FAAB A2dB|AFDE FEE2|
Waltz of the Toys waltz 6 D |fe fg fe|dB AF D2|
Waltz of Vienna mazurka 8 G |B2 B2 DG|B2 B2 DG|
Wanderer's Return, The reel 761 Ador |eAA2 cBAG|EGG2 GED2|
Wandering Minstrel, The jig 83 D |ADD BAF|Ade fdB|
Wandering Minstrel, The jig 468 D |Add BAF|Ade fdB|
Watchmaker, The highland 3 Ador |c<AAc B<GGB|c<AAB cded|
Water Is Wide, The song 133 G |B4B A/A/ GE|D4D D GF|
Weaver's, The slide 20 D |fed B2d|A2d F2B|
Weavers, The slide 20 D |fed B2d|A2d F2B|
Wedding Jig, The jig 416 G |G2B, G,A,B,|DEF G2E|
Wedding Reel, The reel 832 D |EFBF AFEF|D2DE FABd|
Wee Johnny jig 172 D |AFd AFd|AFD E2F|
Wee Weaver, The song 41 Cmix |C3DE2|F4G2|
Weile Waile song 49 D |A/F/F F/F/A/A/|AF/F/ F2|
Welcome Home Grainne jig 450 Amix |eAA cBA|eAA f^ga|
Welcome Home Grainne reel 953 Amix |cdBc ABcd|efec eaed|
Welcome Paddy Home song 103 D |d3 e f2|e2 d2 c2|
Welcome Poor Paddy Home song 103 D |d3 e f2|e2 d2 c2|
Wellington's reel 569 G |G2BG DGBG|A3B cdec|
Wellington's Advance jig 480 Ador |EAA AGA|cBA c2d|
West Clare Reel reel 915 Dm |F2DE FAA2|AEGF DCA,F|
West Cork Reel, The reel 682 G |Bcde fddc|dggf g3a|
West Wind, The reel 430 G |BdGA BGdB|ADFG ABcA|
Westering Home jig 385 D |ABA AFG|Ade f2d|
Westport Chorus, The reel 331 D |(3FED AD BDAG|FDAF G2AG|
Wet Pussy, The slip jig 10 Dmix |FGA AFA c2A|BAG FAF GED|
Wexford Lasses, The reel 1001 D |d3A BFAF|E2eg fdec|
What Put the Blood on Your Right Shoulder Son? song 118 Edor |E4 E2D2|E2F2 G2E2|
Wheels of the World, The jig 98 G |FDD ADD|BGB BcA|
Wheels of the World, The reel 522 Ador |eAAB cBcA|GEE2 G2EG|
Wheels of the World, The reel 391 Dmix |ADFD FAGF|ECC2 G,CEG|
Wheels of the World, The reel 311 Dmix |dDD2 FAGF|ECC2 EFGE|
Whelan's jig 109 Edor |E3 BAF|FEB AFD|
Whelan's Fancy jig 109 Edor |E3 BAF|FEB AFD|
When a Man's in Love song 132 Dmix |D2 F2 GF D2|FG AB c2 BA|
When Sick is it Tea You Want? jig 180 D |Add dcB|ABA AFG|
When the Cock Crows it is Day slide 13 G |GAB BAG|d3 d2B|
When the Tide Comes In hornpipe 101 Gm |BAGF GABc|d2G2 Gbag|
When You Go Home jig 382 Dmix |FDE F2d|cAA BAG|
Where Lilies Bloom polka 37 D |DF/A/ BA|d>e dc|
Whinny Hills of Leitrim, The slip jig 13 D |FAB FAB AFD|FAB FAB d2A|
Whinny Hills of Leitrim, The slip jig 16 Dmix |A3 dcA d3|A3 dcA G3|
Whiskey before Breakfast reel 844 D |D2F2 A4|ABAF EDEF|
Whiskey for Breakfast reel 844 D |D2F2 A4|ABAF EDEF|
Whiskey in the Jar song 50 D |AA AB|A F2 A|
Whiskey Jig, The single jig 47 G |g2e d2c|BAB G2A|
Whistler at the Wake jig 270 D |FAA AFA|Bdd dfg|
Whistler of Rosslea, The reel 540 G |GABc dBGg|fdcA BGGE|
Whistling Postman, The jig 175 D |f3 edB|A3 BAF|
White Blanket, The set dance 18 G |cEED EFGE|DE (3GAB c3A|
White Cockade, The march 31 G |BB c/B/A/G/|BB Bg/e/|
White Crow, The jig 112 Ador |eAA BAA|eAA ABd|
White Petticoat, The jig 306 Em |Bed cBA|GFE B,EG|
Wicklow Hornpipe, The hornpipe 51 D |ABAF DEFG|AGFD =c2 (3ABc|
Widow's Daughter reel 176 Edor |EBed B3c|dBB2 dBAF|
Widow, The reel 307 D |AFdF A3F|ABde fded|
Wild Irishman, The reel 19 D |d2fd gefe|dfed cdec|
Wild Irishman, The reel 246 D |F2AF DEFD|EA,A,2 EA,A,2|
Wild Rover, The song 51 G |G3 A G2|E2 D2 B2|
Wild Swans at Coole reel 115 Dmix |Addc dcAB|cBcG EFGE|
Will Ye Go to Flanders song 34 A |e>f e>A|f<g a2|
Will You Come Down to Limerick? slip jig 21 G |cAG GAG G2d|cAG G2A cAd|
Will You Come Down to Limerick? slip jig 76 G |cAG GDG G2d|cAG GDE FAd|
Will You Come Down to Limerick? slip jig 22 G |cAG GDG G3|cAG GDE =F2d|
Will You Come Home with Me? jig 249 G |dge fdc|BdB cAF|
Willafjord reel 948 D |A2FA2DFA|B2GB2DGB|
William Thompson's jig 388 G |B3 GBd|gba g3|
Willie Clancy's fling 13 G |GBB2 c3e|dGGA B2AG|
Willie Coleman's jig 26 G |B3 AGE|GED GBd|
Willie's Fling #2 fling 5 D |ADD2 FDD2|ADD2 dedc|
Willie's Single single jig 53 D |F2D D3|FED FED|
Willy Walsh's Hornpipe hornpipe 42 A |(3ABc EF Acec|(3def Bc def2|
Wind That Shakes the Barley, The reel 109 D |A3B AFED|B3A BcdB|
Windmill, The reel 810 D |d2fd ceAc|dBGB AFDE|
Wing Commander Donald McKenzie's reel 635 A |cEE2 cEBE|AFFE FAEA|
Winnie Hayes' jig 331 Ador |edB A3|BAA ABd|
Winster Gallop polka 17 G |GB GB|GB d2|
Winter Apples reel 139 G |g2fg edBA|GABG AGED|
Winter's Night, A hornpipe 109 Em |E2ED EFGA|B2BA B2e2|
Wise Maid, The reel 40 D |F3G FEDE|FAAB AFED|
Wishing Well, The jig 470 D |DFA d2e|fdB BAF|
Wissahickon Drive reel 257 A |EFAB cBAB|ceef ecBA|
Wistful Lover, The polka 36 G |B2 B>A|Bd ed|
Withered Boy, The fling 24 G |DGGB d2cA|dGGF G2GF|
Withered Boy, The fling 22 G |DGGB d2GB|d2GF GBAF|
Within a Mile of Dublin reel 547 Dmix |ADD2 FEFG|ADD2 cABG|
Woman I Never Forgot, The reel 41 Edor |B2AF BFAF|EDEF EDB,D|
Woman of the House on the Floor, The reel 76 D |AGFE D2FD|GEFE Ddcd|
Woman of the House, The reel 250 G |DBBA B3A|GBB2 eBdB|
Woman of the House, The reel 317 G |GABG cABA|GBdg egdB|
Wonder, The hornpipe 136 G |GdBG FcAF|GABG D2GF|
Woodcock, The jig 170 G |dBG cGE|DBD G3|
Woodland Flowers barndance 9 C |Gedc Gedc|A2df a4|
Woods of Old Limerick, The jig 349 D |FDD EFG|Add cAG|
Woods of Old Limerick, The jig 228 G |BGG ABc|dgg fdc|
World's End reel 213 Bm |F2BF dFBF|F2BA FEE2|
Wounded Hussar, The slow air 22 Ador |E A3 A>B|c4 BA|
Wounded Huzzar, The slow air 22 Ador |E A3 A>B|c4 BA|
Wren's Nest, The jig 32 Edor |GAB ded|cAA A2c|
Wren's Polka, The polka 31 A |Ac EF|A>A Af|

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