Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes

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Titles beginning with U

Title Tune Type No. Key Incipit (first two bars)
Undertow jig 166 Dmix |gfd c2A|cAd cAA|
Union Hornpipe, The hornpipe 97 A |cABA FAEF|A2AG AcBA|
Union Hornpipe, The hornpipe 13 G |BGAG EGDE|G2GF GBAG|
Union Reel, The reel 382 A |e2 (3cBA eAcA|eAcA Bcdf|
Union Street Session reel 973 D |d2AG FEDF|EA,A,2 GFED|
Up against the Boughalauns reel 267 D |D2FA D2FA|dfed cABc|
Up against the Buachalawns reel 267 D |D2FA D2FA|dfed cABc|
Up and about in the Morning jig 162 Dmix |A3 D3|A2D A2d|
Up and Away polka 48 G |d2 B2|B/A/B/c/ BD|
Up Downey reel 945 Edor |EFGA B2eB|B2GB AGFG|
Up in the Air jig 27 Bm |FBB BAB|c2c AFE|
Up Leitrim jig 214 D |f2e dAA|BAB dBA|
Up Sligo jig 59 Edor |EBB BAG|FDF AGF|
Up Spincín reel 984 G |GEDE G3B|AGED EAAB|
Up to Your Knees in Sand reel 164 G |G3F GABc|dBeB dBAF|
Up Ya Boya jig 217 Bdor |dcd B3|FBd f2g|
Upstairs in a Tent reel 345 Amix |A3g fdec|AGA=c BGG2|
Upstairs in a Tent reel 383 G |B3G A3G|FDAD BDAF|
Upstairs in a Tent reel 145 G |G2BG DGBG|A2eg fdcA|