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Abc jukebox player. Sequentially or randomly select a tune and play it.
It's on the wish list for Abcmus 2.1. A jukebox should also include a play list, including how many times to repeat each tune.
Sort tunes in list alphabetically.
This will be included in some version soon.
Raw edit the whole tune file.
Not in this version. Maybe in some future version.
View and print sheet music / staff notation.
It's on the list for version 3.0, but there are already a bunch of programs that do this, so it does not have high priority.
Handle playing of P: parts.
Will maybe be fixed in some future version.
Documentation available in printable form too.
Not yet.
Highlight the notes as they are played.
This will have to wait for some future version.
Printing of abc file.
No, not in this version. It is now possible by configuring Notepad correctly under "options->external programs". I will include this in some future version.
Command line: open tunes of importable formats too
Will maybe come in some future version

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