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Frequently Asked Questions

Will AbcMus be available for Mac, Unix or Linux?
No. I don't have access to any Mac, Unix or Linux systems, so I cannot port AbcMus to these. There are good programs available for other systems at The Official ABC Home Page. Friends of mine that use the Mac recommend BarFly.
I have registered version 1. What will happen if I download version 2?
You can safely download and install version 2. Certain new features will require an upgrade registration to be paid in order to be enabled, but all features from version 1 will still be fully available, even before you have registered your upgrade.
If I register for this version would have I to register again for future versions?
You can download a new trial version of Abcmus, and it will still be registered, with all the functionality of the previous version. Certain new features in new versions might require an upgrade registration to be paid in order to be enabled.
There doesn't come any sound from the program when it plays tunes. Why?
You might not have selected a proper MIDI output device. Under "MIDI and Playback Options", try the different available MIDI output devices, and see which one will make the tunes play.
Symbols or special characters such as © or ä are converted to strange sequences when saving the abc file, or display strangely in other programs, e.g. Abc2Win
This can be turned off:
  1. From the menu, select Options -> General Preferences
  2. Uncheck the box "Convert TeX codes"
When I open abc files stored in C:\My Documents\... by double clicking, I get an error message "C:\My could not be found".
This is due to some file association problem left over from some earlier AbcMus version. To correct it:
  1. In the Folder (Windows Explorer), select "Show -> Folder Alternatives" from the menu.
  2. Click the "File Types" tab.
  3. Select the "Abc File" type.
  4. Click the "Remove" button.
  5. When asked if you really want to remove the file type, answer Yes.
  6. Close the "Folder Alternatives" window
  7. Start AbcMus.
Now everything should work fine the next time you try double-clicking an abc file.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, send an e-mail to Henrik Norbeck, at

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