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exin castillos Exin Castillos is a building toy to build medieval castles. It uses plastic building blocks with studs (similar to Lego, but a bit larger) complemented by special pieces such as crenellations, towers, arches, doors, windows, gates and roofs. All is made in stone imitation.

With Exin Castillos you can build very realistic medieval castles, or fairy tale castles. Only your fantasy sets the limits! A toy that suits both boys and girls.

Exin Castillos is suitable for children from age four and up. Start with a small set and buy more as your child grows older. Many small sets can be combined to make large castles.

Exin Castillos is also a great accessory for adults who are into figure games in a medieval or fantasy setting and can be combined with 25 or 40 millimeter figures.

blocks Take a look at a more detailed description of how these blocks work.

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