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     Current Members of Blackthorn
Anders Clarhäll: fiddle, button accordion (c#/d), guitar
Fredrik Jakobsson: bouzouki, piano, guitar, backing vocals
Henrik Norbeck: wooden flute, tin whistle, vocals, bodhrán, bones
Jörgen Sälde: guitar, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, backing vocals
Karin Johansson: vocals, bodhrán

photo of us From left to right: Jörgen, Henrik, Karin, Anders, Fredrik
Photo: Johan Fowelin

Anders Clarhäll
Anders mostly plays the fiddle, but also two-row button accordion, tuned c#/d, and now and then he picks up the guitar. He's been with the band since the start (1993). Anders has also played with the groups Kält and O'Ryan's Belt.

Fredrik Jakobsson
Fredrik mostly plays the bouzouki with us, but also some piano, guitar and backing vocals. He plays a four course bouzouki made by Christer Ådin, tuned G-D-A-D. He's been with the band since the start (1993). Fredrik also plays with Galway Express and Swedish folk music with Låtbolaget. He has also been a member of O'Ryan's Belt.

Henrik Norbeck
Henrik plays wooden flute, tin whistle, bodhrán and bones, and also sings. He's been a member of the band since the start (1993) and before that he played with O'Ryan's Belt. His flute is made by Sam Murray of Belfast, and his bodhrán by Brendan White..

Jörgen Sälde
Jörgen plays guitar (DADGAD), mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, and does some backing vocals. He's been a member of the band since 1994. He also plays with Galway Express, and has produced some sound tracks for films and theatre.

Karin Johansson
Karin sings and plays the bodhrán, and joined the band in January 2000. She also plays with the cover band Pomperipossa.

Gjord av Henrik Norbeck & Corinna Marino /