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T:Flower of Sweet Strabane, The
D:Paddy Tunney
D:De Dannan (Johnny Moynihan)
(CE) | F4 F2 | (F2 E2) F2 | (A2 G2) A2 | A,4 B,2 | C2 (E2 C2) | B,4 B,2 | B,6- | B,4
EC | B,4 C2 | E3 (F A2) | B6 | A4 (Bc) | B4 A2 | (F2 E2) F2 | A6- | A4
EC | B,4 C2 | (E3 F) A2 | B4 B2 | A4 (Bc) | B4 A2 | (F2 E2) F2 | A6- |
E2 F2 A2 | B4 A2 | (F2 E2) F2 | A6 | A,4 B,2 | C2 E2 C2 | B,4 B,2 | B,6- | B,4 ||
W:If I was King of Erin's isle, had all things at my will
W:I would roam throughout creation, new comforts to find still
W:And the comfort I would seek the most, you well might understand
W:Would be to gain lovely Martha, the flower of sweet Strabane
W:Her cheeks they are like the roses red, and her eyes are a lovely brown
W:And over her lily-white shoulders, her hair comes tumbling down
W:She is one of the fairest creatures, and famous is her clan
W:And my heart is fairly captured by the flower of sweet Strabane
W:And if I had you Martha, way down in Inishowen
W:Or in some lonesome valley in the wild woods of Tyrone
W:I would use my whole endeavour, I would strive to work my plan
W:For to gain my prize and feat my eyes on the flower of sweet Strabane

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