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T:Queen of All Argyll, The
C:Andy M. Stewart (1952-2015), Scotland
D:Silly Wizard
B,D | E>E EF | ED- De/e/ | ee dB | (A/B/)d
Bd | ee ef | ed BA | Bd (A/F/)E | D2
B,D | E>E EF | ED- De | ee dB | (A/B/)d- d
d | e>e ef | ed BA | Bd (F/E/)D | E2 ||
B,D | E2 EF | ED D2 | ee dB | AB d
f | e>e ef | ed BA | Bd (A/F/)E | D2
B,D | E>E EF | ED- De | e>e dB | (A/B/)d
Bd | e>e ef | ed BA | Bd (F/E/)D | E2 ||
W:Gentlemen it is my duty to inform you of one beauty,
W:Though I'd ask of you a favour not to seek her for a while,
W:Though I own she is a creature of character and feature,
W:No words can paint the picture of The Queen of all Argyll.
W:And if you could have seen her there, boys if you had just been there,
W:The swan was in her movement, and the morning in her smile,
W:All the roses in the garden, they'd bow and ask for pardon
W:For not one could match the beauty of the Queen of all Argyll.
W:On the evening that I mention, I passed with light intention
W:Through a part of our dear country known for beauty and for style
W:Being a place of noble thinkers, of scholars and great drinkers
W:But above them all for splendour shone the Queen of all Argyll.
W:So my lads I needs must leave you, my intentions no' to grieve you
W:Nor indeed would I deceive you, oh, I'll see you in a while.
W:I must find some way to gain her, to court her and retain her
W:I fear my heart's in danger from the Queen of all Argyll.

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