Henrik Norbeck's Plant Culture

Pea (Pisum sativum)

Peas of various colours, shapes and sizes

Peas are divided into several subtypes. First of all they can have white or coloured flowers. Those with white flowers have yellow or green seeds, while those with coloured flowers can have seeds of different colours (and sometimes mottled or speckled) and are called dun peas or carlin peas. The shape and size of the seeds also differs - round or uneven.
The immature pods can be green, yellow or purple. The pods can also be with or without membranes - those without membranes are called "mange tout" - if the pods are flat they are called snow peas, if the pods are thick they are called snap peas.
The plants can be short, average or tall. The leaves can be normal or converted into tendrils (so called leafless varieties). Finally some varieties can be sown in autumn and survive the winter - these are called winter peas.
All these properties can of course be combined in various ways.