Abcmus 1.1 Last updated 16 October 2002. Henrik's Home Page

Download AbcMus 1.1

AbcMus 1.1b is available for download here as a self-extracting file: abcmus11.exe (627 kilobytes). AbcMus runs under Windows.

AbcMus 1.1 will run under Windows 3.1. However, if you are using a newer Windows version (95, 98, NT4, 2000, ME or XP) you should download AbcMus version 2.0 instead.

By downloading and installing this file, you agree to this license agreement.

To install AbcMus, copy the self-extracting file ABCMUS11.EXE to a temporary directory (or a diskette), and run it.

The self-extracting setup program will take care of the whole installation. You can choose what directory to install AbcMus in, and some other options.

To be able to play tunes through MIDI, your computer must have a sound card, or some other MIDI driver. If you don't have a sound card, please contact me to get a MIDI driver for the PC speaker.

There is help available in AbcMus. Simply press F1 to get help. If you have not used AbcMus before, take a look at the "Introduction" section of the help.

If you intend to continue using AbcMus, please register, and you will get information about future updates, and priority for your questions.

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